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Why Do Business with a Member?

There are many reasons to to do business with a member and we've highlighted a few of the top reasons below:


  • Members Are Professional

Members are committed to increasing their knowledge of the housing industry by taking classes and attending educational programs.


  • Members are Informed on Legislation

As the housing industry continues to change and improve at a fast pace, the local, state and national levels of the Builders Association keep our members informed on the most up-to-date information.

  • Proof of Insurance

Each member of the Association must provide a current insurance certificate with the Builders Association of Central PA listed as the certificate holder on an annual basis showing proof of general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.


  • Members Are Part of Your Community

Members are your neighbors.  They live in and care about the community just like you.

  • Members Sign the Association's Code of Ethics

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to ensure a high level of honesty and fair business practices among association members. Members agree to strive to meet the following ideals: honesty, fairness, laws, insurance, safety, design, quality, professionalism, scheduling, warranty, payment and opportunity.

  • References Checked

    Each individual or business applying for membership within the Builders Association of Central PA needs to provide references. Depending on the status of your application, Builder Membership or Associate Membership determines the type of references that are necessary.

Looking for a reputable home builder, contractor or remodeler?  The Builders Association of Central PA is your local resource to help you choose the right professional for your home project. You can access our membership directory online at any time or contact the BACP office at 814.231.8813.  


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